Stress-free Text Editors for Your Android Smartphone: Expert Review

Stress-free Text Editors for Your Android Smartphone: Expert Review
Table of Contents
  1. Stress-free Text Editors for Your Android Smartphone: Expert Review
  2. iA Writer
  3. Monospace
  4. Writer Plus
  5. JotterPad
  6. QuickEdit
  7. Jota
  8. Bonus - Notepad Editor
  9. How to pick up the best editing app?
  10. How to make editing stress-free?

Most of the students treat the editing routine as something hard, monotonous, and almost impossible to cope with. If you share the same thoughts, we’ve got some good news for you - you can download and install the Android text editor to do this task for you.

You can use such software assistants even if you like editing and proofreading - you will be sure that your text is 100% accurate. We’ve prepared reviews of the most popular editors that you can download on your Android device. Scroll down to see them and pick up the best option for you.

iA Writer

This editing tool is available not only for Android but also for iOS devices. It has a big number of active users thanks to a super simple text processor, user-friendly interface of an editor component and creative automation. You will have no problems with finding or opening any file that is stored on your device. With this app, you can choose one of two options: a plain text processor or markdown editor.

There’s a Focus mode that will let you improve the concentration and you can use the Night mode if there’s little light around you. This editing tool supports HTML, PDF, and .doc formats for saving files. Or you can publish your texts right to the Medium. If you are used to using Dropbox or Google Drive, you can sync with them.


If you like minimalistic design and hate when something distracts you from editing or proofreading, this app is just for you. You can see a truly empty interface that doesn’t contain unnecessary elements. You can see the basic Markdown formatting and you can organize the files you have edited with hashtags. You will not have to deal with dozens of directories to store your files.

Writer Plus

It’s one more plain text editing application that has combined the best features of iA Writer and Monospace. It doesn’t consume much memory or battery - you can use it on any type of device without any problems or crashes. With this editing app, you get a nice organization of files in folders, Markdown formatting, a counter for words, undo/redo functions, as well as the Night mode.


If you need a more comprehensive editing application, you may like JotterPad for better functionality. However, you will not find distracting elements on the screen - it’s another benefit that you get with this app.

Some of the key features comprise keywords search, customizable fonts, scrolling tool, and an option for customizing the style. And you will also have the basic Markdown formatting available. This app is free but you can update it to get better proofreading functionality.


This is an advanced text editing tool that allows you to have some coding routine. Here you will have a wide range of highlighted syntax. It supports the following languages: PHP, Java, Python, Swift, Ruby, C++, C#, and so on. You can open a few files at a time, search for text fragments and replace them. 

You also get a synchronization with free and paid cloud services. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate through but it’s not free of charge.


You can use this application for editing tasks and for programming. It supports CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Java, Lua, and other programming languages and frameworks. You get such functionality as the opportunity to open a few files at the same time, searching text fragments, replacing them with other content, customizing interface, etc. You need to pay to install this app but it gives you a great number of features that are not available in free apps.

Bonus - Notepad Editor

This editor is popular for completing editing tasks and dealing with some programming routines. You will be able to use the syntax of XML, PHP, CSS, HTML, and TXT formats. The interface of the app is very simple - you can grasp all its functionality in a few minutes.

How to pick up the best editing app?

The choice of the application depends on the tasks you want to complete on your mobile device. If you have a powerful gadget with the latest version of the Android operating system, you can choose any of the above editing tools. If your gadget works slowly, it’s good to choose apps that will definitely suit your operational system. Most of the apps are free, so you can even try them all before choosing the best option.

How to make editing stress-free?

Using software is not enough to complete the editing task for 100% even with SaaS Lifetime Deals. You will have to manually check each word and sentence to make sure you express your thoughts in a consistent way, you don’t make spelling or grammar mistakes, and so on. If you find these tasks stressful, you can always rely on us. We’re here to make your student’s life easier. So if you give us a chance, we’ll prove to you that editing can be with no stress. Editing is an important step for creating high-quality content, you can use it on any platform, it will help you improve your search engine optimisation for Google and drive you better results with Pinterest marketing.