Editing Jobs: Find A Position Of Your Dream

Editing Jobs: Find A Position Of Your Dream
Table of Contents
  1. Editing Jobs: Find A Position Of Your Dream
  2. Top 4 Tips How to Find a Job as an Editor
  3. Education Plays a Significant Role: Learn More
  4. Get More Experience
  5. Decide What’s Best For You
  6. Exercise Often
  7. Editors Jobs Options
  8. Final Word

Our world is full of various resources like newspapers, Internet websites, books, TV shows, movies, digital or physical magazines, media, scientific articles, video games, and other content. All of them, from the newsletter to medical journal, bring necessary information to us that was written and composed by professionals. But all of these materials wouldn’t make sense without the work of an editor — an expert who is responsible for reviewing and editing. People pay their money to get a top quality product, and making it polished is the main goal of editing jobs.

Working at both part-time or full-time editing jobs for 18 year olds is both interesting and hard. Editors face day-to-day challenges but at the end of the day you have a great feeling of satisfaction as another page of editing is done. But how do you get hired for this position? What to do to make a good editing company notice you? Our article is going to answer these questions and give you top tips on finding the best editing jobs.

Top 4 Tips How to Find a Job as an Editor

Seeking any type of editing jobs is hard work to do. It takes a lot of time and effort, and the results are not always satisfying. It might take days and months before you find a perfect editing position.

Education Plays a Significant Role: Learn More

It is required by many companies for you to have any higher education to get employed. If you obtain a higher degree in a field related to editing than it’s best to mention it when creating a CV. Most popular degrees are communications, publishing, journalism, literature, humanities, more rarely — marketing, business, and managing. Even if you don’t have a higher degree suitable for this job, you can still have enough skills and knowledge to have an editing’ career on a professional level. There are many online courses you can use to study by yourself and improve your skills for the editing jobs.

Get More Experience

One of the most important things for the employer is how much experience you’ve had before you decided to apply for another job. Most companies prefer hiring people who are already experienced and promise higher salaries, but many employers are okay with those who have just started to edit. There are various opportunities you can find online. Some companies offer paid internships, where you can quickly gain more practical experience. Email or write a letter to companies you re interested in working with — who knows, maybe, they have a great opportunity waiting for you. Take into account, that a salary depends on the experience you have, so try to use every opportunity you have to gain more skills for editing jobs.

Decide What’s Best For You

Before you actually start looking for a new position, think about what’s better for you: freelance or an editorial office editing jobs. Based on your choice, you will know where to search the editing jobs posted by the companies you like. Than, decide on a location.Do you want to work in a big city like New York in the United States or in a small town? If you have chosen to work in the office, how close to home do you want it to be? Google the address of the company you want to work with and see it’s going to be suitable for you to go there every day. If you prefer freelance, there are many great online editing services that would gladly hire you.

Exercise Often

Practice your editing skills whenever you can. For example, you could try doing editing exercises — take any piece of writing and start analyzing it. Find a book review or a small essay and try editing them. You could also offer your help to your friends and family in case some editing is needed. Set a number of pages per day you can work, and try to stick to the plan.

Editors Jobs Options

Here is a list of the most popular editing jobs these days.

  • Copy editor jobs. Copy editors review material for publications to find any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and also check words usage, styling, and formatting. Copy editors search for common errors analyze every piece of the text: from a title to the last word. Of course, you need to know how to deal with colons. In order to get this position, you need to have such skills as attention to details, good knowledge of English and such standard styles as APA or Chicago.
  • Managing editor jobs. Managing editor takes care of everything connected to the content. Managing editor is involved in overseeing deadlines and schedules, supervising the team of writers, creating new ideas, monitoring social media and readers’ or users’ feedback. For a managing editor, it’s important to be able to work in a group of people and connect with everyone equally.
  • Assistant editor jobs. Assistant editors create ideas for articles, news, tv shows, and many other resources on a weekly basis. Assistant also takes care of editing and reviewing all materials, finding new materials for the content, drawing attention from the social media, and many others.
  • Proofreader jobs. Proofreading is similar to the job of the copy editor but contains only of grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling errors searching. The proofreader should be able to notice even the smallest mistakes and be able to work quickly. A good proofreader should be familiar with modern technology and use the Internet and Word professionally.

Final Word

No doubt, finding editing jobs suitable for you is not an easy process, but it’s worth your time.

As Truman Capote once said, "I'm all for the scissors. I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil."

Without editing, our thoughts and ideas would not have been heard by millions. Believe in yourself, and you will accomplish all of your goals. With our tips, you will definitely get the job of your dream.